Meet Us On Tour

We’re thrilled to bring our signature event, Tranquility Pop-Up: Tools for Everyday Tranquility in cities all across North America. Wait, what’s a Tranquilty Pop-Up? Read what people are saying about our Pop-Ups.

b460e848361c11e3a31b22000a1fbb63_8We are delighted to be hosting Tranquility Pop-Ups and complimentary Meet-Ups in the following cities. Click for information and to purchase your tickets:

Philadelphia, 9/14
New York, 9/15
Montréal, 9/21
Farm Sanctuary NY Meet-Up, 9/23
Pittsburgh, 9/25
Peoria, 9/27
Kansas City, 9/28
Salt Lake City, 10/1
Calgary, 10/8
Seattle, 10/14
Portland, 10/15


Join us at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY and Farm Sanctuary in Los Angeles for meet-ups. Learn why Farm Sanctuary is so important to Kimberly and this tour.